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Spells – The Art Of Banishing

banishingSpells – The Art Of Banishing

Be Aware: All spells should be used only for the greater good for all involved, this is a well known fact by all responsible practitioners of magic. Goddesses always use the most positive of intentions when casting a spell.

Reality is … that we all find ourselves overwhelmed by negative energy from time to time; it could be around us, within us or in our personal space. It manifests itself as negativity, such as negative thoughts and feelings, or it can manifest as money problems, a trouble-making relative, a bad roommate, a backstabbing friend, legal issues, a streak of bad luck, etc.

Banishing spells are one of the best ways to encourage this energy to become positive and/or to leave.

Remember, any magick is more about the intention you put behind it than the physical aspect of what you are doing. Keep your intention positive at all times.

Here are a few ideas for banishing:

To Clear Negative Spaces:

  • Light a black votive candle in the negative space and allow it to burn out by itself.
  • Burn a sage smudge stick in the space. Click here form more information on smudging.

To Banish Negative People From Your Life:

  • Write the name on a piece of paper and use a permanent marker or white-out to “erase” the name completely.
  • Write the name on a piece of toilet paper and flush it away.
  • Write the name on piece of paper with, and put it through your paper shredder.
  • Write the name on a scrap of old sweater and unravel the yarn.
  • Carve the name on a black candle and let it burn all the way down.
  • Carve the name on a scrap of wood and burn it (Fallen branches are the best choice here, as lumber scraps might be treated with chemicals and plywood contains glue).
  • Write the name on a leaf, river rock or shell and throw it into running water (only throw into the water what came out of it or what might naturally fall into it).
  • Write the name on a piece of paper and burn it in a heat proof container or fire place.
  • Carve the name into the skin of a banana or other fruit and bury it in the earth.
  • Whisper the words “I banish you, (insert name here) into a soap bubble and let the wind carry it away from you.
  • During a storm, shout the words above into the wind.
  • Use a needle to inscribe the name onto a piece of self-lighting charcoal.  Light the charcoal and when it’s ready, sprinkle an appropriate banishing herb on it and let it burn to ash.  Dispose of the ash by wrapping it a banana skin and burying it, flushing it away, or just throw it out with your garbage.
  • Write the name on a piece of paper, put it in the bottom of your pet’s litter box or cage.  Dispose of the next time you clean the box.

The banishing ideas for negative people are courtesy of Mrs.B.

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