Goddess Lifestyle Plan – Sisterhood
Do you ever feel like...
My name is Lisa Marie Rosati

the Creatrix of The Goddess Lifestyle Plan™ and I created this space after working with hundreds of women around the world and noticing a need for this kind of sacred space for spiritual women like me to gather.

I personally spent most of my life feeling judged and like a square peg attempting to fit into a circle hole. Over the years I’ve been labeled just about everything you can imagine by the people in my life … the black sheep, the eccentric or weird one, the odd woman out, there goes Lisa marching to her own drum beat, etc. And because I was raising my family and working from home I felt isolated most of the time too...

Sure I had my family, my wonderful husband, and a few girlfriends, but I had no one I felt comfortable enough with to talk about the deep stuff with like my heartbreaks and celebrations, tight finances and big wins, relationship struggles and triumphs, etc.

Worse yet, I found myself having two different personalities - a Spiritual Eclectic- Magic Making Mama - Wild Woman when I was home and a toned down, inauthentic, muggle version of myself when I was out and about in the world {...sigh}.

This editing and suppressing of my authentic self was slowly dimming my light, my magic and my exuberance for life... however, I knew it was my choice to continue to settle for living that way.

I had two choices

I could choose to continue to wallow in my loneliness,

OR I could step through my fear and create a spiritual family - my Inner Circle of SiSTARS

(yup, that’s what we call each other – SiSTARS. It’s not a typo).

I'm sure you guessed that I chose the later... it's way more empowered!
Sisterhood is a gift

And to be totally bold and completely honest - I want this gift in YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW!

All women going through a spiritual awakening CRAVE, DESIRE and NEED connection and community—a safe place where they can be their most authentic self without judgment. I know I did!

We all need an inner Circle that we can turn to for support, laughter, guidance, and learning. But sadly, most of us are too busy to go out and hunt to find a tribe. That’s why I created the Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ - we come right to YOU via your computer or mobile device!

The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ brings together women who believe in magic and the incredible power of the Divine Feminine to empower and transform.

This Sisterhood is a virtual sacred circle
Are you ready to come home to your powerful Goddess nature?
What is The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood?

The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ is a guided journey for women seeking to activate the Goddess within and infuse magic into daily life. It is also a sacred container of TOTAL LIFE TRANSFORMATION! YES, that's right, this Sisterhood Circle is a group coaching program for total life transformation and personal empowerment following the natural cycles of nature - and it works!

Your Membership Includes:

Each month of the calendar year has magical correspondences (colors, flowers, animal totems, crystals, spiritual work, etc.) that relate directly to that particular month. When you work in unison with those magical correspondences and with the moon’s phases, you plug into the Universe, The Divine and all of its power. Each month, we’ll discuss how to harness that month’s magical influences to create a more fulfilled and successful Goddess Life, and we’ll use the magical properties in our discussions and throughout a private online classroom. These activities and discussions will teach you how create the life of YOUR dreams utilizing that power! All Moon Rituals are recorded and archived for later viewing.

We gather for the eight sabbats that follow the pagan calendar and Wheel of the Year (Imbolc, Ostara, Beltane, Litha, Lughnasadh, Mabon, Samhain and Yule). The wheel represents a full cycle of the seasons. Each season is marked by a series of holy days called sabbats to honor the particular qualities of each time of the year, life’s lessons as revealed through Nature, and our relationship with The Divine. Each sabbat brings it’s own magical work that will assist you in transforming your life. Hidden within the symbolism and traditions of these ancient celebrations are mystery teachings about self-initiation, calling in your full potential and discovering why you are here. All gatherings are recorded and archived for later viewing.

Even though we’ll have a specific theme for each month, you’re not limited to it. In the earthly realm, the Sisterhood is a private online community. We will use a secret Facebook Page for daily chatting and Spreecast and Zoom.Us as the “chat room” for our live Month of Magic calls, rituals and celebrations. You can post anything you like on our secret Facebook Page. If you haven’t used Facebook, Zoom or Spreecast before, you may have a small learning curve… all and all it’s super easy! If you feel overwhelmed my amazing team will help you get all set up!

I post videos, custom handouts and instructions on a topic, and open it up to safe discussion on our secret Facebook Page. We’ll do some oracle reading and play with the Tarot or other divination tools. I’ll have suggested activities for you and teach fun things like altarscaping, how to make Moon Water or Sun Tea and Magical Gardening, Magical Cooking and Home keeping so you can bring oodles of magic, abundance and well-being into your personal spaces and into your sacred body vessel.

I’m just going to come right out and say it – not everyone can afford to work with my privately, I get it! I created this Sisterhood so that the women who were called to work with me more closely can easily do so. The Sisterhood is my most favorite place on earth, so I’m in our secret Facebook Group everyday eCoaching and answering your questions. I also open the group up for Q & A during our live circles and gatherings so I can answer questions and help you get unstuck or strategize a particular issue you might be having. Women pay upwards of ten thousand dollars per year to work with my privately, so this membership perk is quite valuable.

Each year our Retreat Committee puts together a magical retreat in which you can choose to participate in and experience live ritual with me and some of your Sisters. In October 2016 we are going to Salem, Massachusetts for the Full Moon! Want to join us?

The most incredibly wise and wonderful women are a part of our Sisterhood. You will be surrounded by gifted and caring women that will gladly send you a virtual hug, reiki healing, spiritual nourishment, encouragement, support and unconditional love whenever you need it.

I’m constantly creating bonus trainings for my Sisterhood. All trainings are recorded and archived for future viewing! Here’s a taste of what classes are waiting for you once you join:

  • Introduction To Life Magick
  • How To Choose Your Magickal Name
  • How To Nourish Your Body Temple
  • Shadow Work
  • 4 Levels (Pillars) Of Empowerment
  • What Is Quantum Magick
  • How To Cleanse & Consecrate Your Magickal Tools
  • How To Prepare & Store Your Oracle Cards
  • Essential Oils For Spiritual Practice
  • And more…
Common magical subjects we dialogue about
  • Tarot and Oracle Cards
  • Gaia and Nature
  • The Gods and Goddesses
  • Seasonal Practices
  • DIY Magical Crafts
  • Crystals and Gemstones
  • Herbs and Insence
  • Sacred Art (photography, paintings. poetry, etc.)
  • Smudging (clearing out the bad ju ju)
  • Women’s Spirituality
  • Ritual and Spellwork
  • Sacred Creativity
  • Prayer and Meditation
  • Altars & Sacred Spaces
  • Magical Gardens
  • Herbs and Magical Cooking
  • Essential Oils and Aromatherapy
  • Beautiful Spaces (both inside and outdoors)
  • Natural Beauty and Holistic Health
  • Astrology and Archetypes
  • Animal Totems
  • Dream Interpretation
  • And More!
Some life transformation I teach about
  • How to Step Thru Fear and Create Your Goddess Life
  • How to Create and Uphold Your Personal Boundaries
  • How to Strengthen Your Faith
  • How to Create More Life Balance
  • How to Live Your Truth More Authentically and Confidently
  • How to Get Out of Overwhelm and Into Flow
  • How to Balance Your Masculine and Feminine Energies
  • How to Activate Your Inner Goddess
  • How to Discover Your Personal Magic and Gifts
  • How to Create Healthy Relationships
  • How to Prioritize Your Self-Care
  • How To Effectively Manifest Your Desires
  • How to Become the Most Powerful and Healthy Version of YOU possible!
  • And so much more…
Sound like something you've been wanting in your life?
You'll be surrounded by spiritually evolved, like-minded women...

There are many reasons to sit in Circle. At its very core, a sacred Circle of women is an opportunity to be loved and held in a way that only women can provide. The Circle itself represents a sacred symbol that has been honored throughout time. It is a reminder of the sacredness of the Circle of life, the seasons, sunrise to sunrise, the sun, moon, stars and earth; all things round.

Holding sacred Circle means that there is an agreement present to hold each other and the gathering itself as sacred. What is shared or spoken is done with reverence - there’s no judgment or criticism present. We are able to listen whole-heartedly to what each woman has to say, holding her in support and compassion, receiving her in wholeness.

A sacred Circle or Sisterhood is a sacred container of safety and trust that facilitates healing and transformation for it’s participants. A space where every Sister is provided the opportunity to re-fill her cup, hear her own voice, trust her inner wisdom and expand more fully into and embody the totality of herself as an empowered, divine woman.

Is the Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood right for you?

I don’t believe in accidents dear one, you are here reading this page for a reason. This private group is perfect for you if you feel isolated or alone because you don’t know anyone else who shares your eclectic, open minded, “off the beaten path” spiritual interests or who walks your Goddess honoring, Mother Earth and all of her creatures (both big and small) loving path.

While many of the sisters already recognize themselves as Intuitives, Witches, Pagans, Shamanesses, Priestesses, Goddesses, Healers, Queens, Light Workers, Luminaries, Visionaries and Spiritual Eclectics…you don’t have to label yourself.

The Sisterhood will help YOU connect with your unique inner power and magic. Each of us carries the deep genetic coding of these ancient callings, and all are used to describe the magic and mystery that makes up the powerful Feminine. This private Sisterhood is for you if your want to cultivate wild joy, unleash your bliss, learn how to wield Universal power and magic at will, practice introspective thinking and contemplation, dance through life like no one is watching and howl at the moon!

Are you ready to...
Then I invite you to join us
Circle Agreements

I insist that all members of the Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™ agree to the following guidelines as we are creating a sacred container for healing, releasing and manifesting. It is imperative that ALL Sisters feel safe and unconditionally accepted.

  • We listen to each other with compassion and curiosity instead of judgment.
  • We hold stories or personal material in complete confidentiality.
  • We speak (or write) with intention, we listen with attention, and we all tend the well being of the circle.
  • We ask for what we need and offer what we can.
  • We focus on positive energy in order to spread those vibes through the Sisterhood and the Universe, and avoid dwelling on spirit-sucking negativity.
How much does it cost?

My intention is to keep the Circle as low-cost as possible so that it is easy for anyone seeking a magical community to join. Many of the women who follow my work want an affordable way to bring magic, miracles and feminine empowerment into their life without a large monetary investment. While I absolutely love working 1:1 with women, I realize it's not an option for some who simply can't afford to invest in private coaching with me. If that’s you, I’d love you to join The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™, become a part of my magical, empowered world, and gain access to my coaching via our gatherings!

I offer two ways to gain access to this offering - a pay in full option (which will save you $200 per year) and an easy on the checkbook monthly payment option.

Here are a few comments by The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood SiSTARS
Veronica Scott Sofia Dablasa

“Lisa has helped me through some very rough personal situations with grace and compassion. And then there’s the magic. OMGoddess I love, love, love infusing magic into my life and business. From timing what I do by the cycles of the moon and the sun to working with Goddess energies to using herbs and essential oils—this is a whole new way to run a business and it rocks! Come join us in the Sisterhood—we’re nicest group of magical women you’ll ever meet.”

Holly Keefer

“My life has changed vividly since I met Lisa Marie Rosati and joined The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™. Her laser advice, juicy wisdom, and working knowledge of how to live magically has catapulted me into an exciting authentic life, where I now embrace my beautiful feminine power and serve myself, clients and loved ones in a more focused and dynamic way!”

Kellie R. Stone

Are you ready to activate your magical life?

Take advantage of easy monthly payments of just $33*

when you make a one-year commitment to join us in this sacred Sisterhood Circle.

You will be grand-mothered in at these prices evermore as long as you’re a member of The Goddess Lifestyle Sisterhood™