Sacred House Cleaning Ritual

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dried lavenderYup, you need to break out the feather duster and vacuum! Cleaning and purging is a sacred act that many women hate (not me!). Deep cleaning the house, hearth, home is an endless, often thankless task that some tend to put off as long as possible. Every time you turn around there is another task to be completed… another dirty dish to be washed, another load of laundry that needs to get done or a wispy, just out of reach cobweb to conquer!

I recommend you shift your perspective and view each act of cleaning as a sacred ritual, which honors all that you hold dear.

You can… sweep away negativity, wash the residue of a bad day off your dishes and let it flow down the drain and clean your windows so they can shine positive energy in.

Make every action a sacred act that honors yourself, your family and your feminine spirit. Before long you will not only have a clean house, but a peaceful spirit.

Always use all natural commercial cleaning supplies or make your own using herbs, essential oils and natural ingredients. I recommend that you perform a Sacred House Cleaning Ritual at least once every change of seasons or as often as needed to clear out negative or stagnant energy.

  • Go through all of your belongings. If you can’t (or won’t) wear it, eat it or use it, get rid of it or better yet…donate it to someone who can. As you clean and purge, identify any worn out thought patterns, perceptions, or assumptions that block or sabotage your success and visualize letting them go just as you are the unneeded pile of stuff!
  • Grab a broom and use it to get rid of any cobwebs and dust from the ceiling corners and hard to reach places. Do the same for baseboards and windowsills too.
  • Take down washable curtains and wash them! Tie a tablespoon of thyme in an old sock and add it to the load during the rinse cycle.
  • Clean the mirrors in your home with rubbing alcohol. It strips away dirt, nicotine (yuk) and fingerprints. Rubbing alcohol strips away negative energy big-time. Wipe dry with white paper towels or newspaper.
  • Sprinkle all rugs generously with baking soda mixed with dried lavender flowers and then vacuum well. Rugs can hold a lot of negative energy! Chant “Negative Energy Be Gone” as you vacuum.
  • Clean each room thoroughly, in and out of cabinets and closets too! (Be sure to fold and organize each drawer, cabinet and closet as you go!)
  • Smudge your home with Sage (or Sage and Pine) Smudging Stick or a Sage Spray

Here’s one of my favorite herbal recipes:

All Natural Wood Floor Cleaner

This blend will clean and scent your wood floors. You can use other favorite fragrant teas in place of the peppermint, though the mint has the added benefit of being disliked by bugs…


½ cup white vinegar

½ cup peppermint tea


  1. Add ingredients to 2 gallons of warm water in a bucket. Wash (but don’t soak) floors—no need to rinse!
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  1. says

    I never thought of using tea! What a great idea! I’m definitely mixing up some of this because it’s getting into “spider” season. I’m okay as long at they are outside. Once inside, I can’t always say I won’t squash them. So not a spider person! And I’m notorious for the arachna-idiot dance! OMG!! I’m telling you, it is not a pretty site! LOLz

    I like using tea tree oil with rosemary and sage EOs in my steamer. I also enjoy the citrus EOs like orange and grapefruit! Thank you for sharing, Lisa <3

    • says

      Gypsy I LOVE your EO combo suggestions – YUMMY. I too love any citrus smells and dislike spiders… I call EVERY spider despite its size a tarantula! My family knows this about me…

  2. Dawn N says

    I used your floor cleaner yesterday afternoon after reading this post and loved it!. It truly felt like I was doing something positive, actively taking a step to bless my home and surroundings, I am adding your list to my planner to take more steps throughout the year to renew the blessings.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • says

      I’m so happy that the article gave you some actionable steps to implement. Magical living definitely makes life sweeter and more enjoyable! Thank you for commenting lovely.

  3. Melissa says

    I just started shampooing the carpets yesterday and added peppermint and rosemary EO into the cleaning solution. Let me tell ya, that peppermint really opens up the sinuses. LOL I am not a spider/bug fan either. Time to get rid of those little buggers. Great article, Lisa. Perfect timing! Gives me more incentive to keep cleaning until it is all done.

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