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Natural Sore Throat Gargle Recipe

woman with sore throatA sore throat or Pharyngitis (medical terminology) can be a real bummer. You don’t realize how many times you swallow in a day until it hurts! Yowza!

Central America has been using the perennial herb sage to successfully treat respiratory illnesses in it’s people for hundreds of years. Sage has drying energetics that reduce respiratory secretions, making it an excellent choice for helping the body heal from a cold or flu. Sage also has antibacterial properties and helps to protect against strep and staph infections further enhancing its effectiveness.

If you are going to make an infusion of Sage Tea at home, make sure to dilute: one teaspoon of sage leaves per cup of water (off the boil). Never boil Sage Tea.

TIP: Sage Tea can be used in in a Netti-pot as a nasal rinse for acute sinus infections.  It’s antibacterial and drying properties make it an excellent choice for sinuses.

WARNING: Sage should not be taken during pregnancy or by lactating mothers.

Sage Tea Throat Gargle Recipe


1 cup sage tea
1 tablespoon sea salt
1/4 cup apple cider vinegar
pinch of cayenne pepper


  1. Gargle every 1/2 hour until symptoms are gone.
  2. Drink throat soothing tea such as Yogi Throat Comfort Tea Blend

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