Desire – What Does A Man Crave In A Woman?

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Have you ever wondered what a man craves in a woman?

Crave is a juicy word. Read it’s definition here:

Crave – a verb. Definition: desire intensely

Here is an article written by a guest contributor, Antoinette Cabral which will answer that question for you. Perhaps you feel the desire for something delicious right now. I suggest you make yourself a cup of herbal tea, pour a glass of your favorite wine or shake up an ice cold Cosmo, curl up on a comfy chair and read on!


What Does A Man Crave In A Woman?

When you are on a date, are in you in your head, or are in you in your feminine body? Do you come on too strong? Are you wondering why he hasn’t called you back for another date?

Men love our feminine qualities. When on a date, it’s so important for you to embrace your feminine ways. If you are in your masculine, you will either attract a man who will be more feminine than you are, and in the future you will not respect him for not stepping up. Or you might be too competitive with him on a date. If you come on too strong or are too much in your head, he may not be enchanted by you, and not call you back for a second date.

How do you embrace the feminine ways?

1. Take a bubble bath before you go on your date. This will allow you to release stress from work. Play with the bubbles, and this will transition you from masculine mode to feminine fun mode.

2. Try less talk and more play. Over 75% of communication is made with the body. If you are talking too much, then the man will be overwhelmed by the conversation. Women talk in circles and men are more direct. So, it’s best to talk more with your body language. Talk by having fun, laughing and listening.

3. Practice receiving. If a man really likes you, he wants to give to you. If he wants to open up the door for you, let him. If he wants to compliment you, receive it. When you are happy, he is happy.

Notice how much happier you will be, when you embrace the feminine ways!

If you like what I said, please contact me Antoinette Cabral, Female Sensual Lifestyle & Dating Coach, at for questions. You can also visit me at and sign up for more Female Sensual Secrets today!

Antoinette Cabral is a Female Sensual Lifestyle & Dating Coach. She empowers women to Magnetize the Right Man by embracing a Female Sensual Lifestyle. She teaches powerful tools, techniques and rituals for to feel more feminine, fun, flirty and free in your own body. Antoinette invites a woman to feel safe connecting to her own SENSUAL POWER by inviting PERMISSION to have PLEASURE in her life. When she does this, she becomes MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS AND MAGNETIC to the RIGHT MAN. She calls this a Female Sensual Lifestyle. Click to learn more about desire and dating or email her at

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